Last year marked the end of the Dave Cox era in Lady Pilgrims basketball.  Cox elected to retire from coaching after 20 years of being at the helm of the program.  One constant for Cox was his assistant Dave Duncan for most of those years.
Now Duncan has become the Captain of the the Lady Pilgrims ship who looks to improve on a 6-15 season last year.


“We have a lot of talent coming back this season.  We have all our starters returning, which we only lost two players from last year.  Everyone whose on the roster had a great summer.  They improved their skill level against some pretty talented teams.  So I’m excited in what we have!”, said Duncan.


The Lady Pilgrims return three Seniors, two of which scored a combined 362 points themselves.  Amber Redinger (206) and Lauren Tanner (156).   Andria Shook was hurt all last season but is expected to have a great senior year.

“Having Shook back is a big plus for us.”, added Duncan.  “She is stronger, and can play a 3, 4, or even 5 position for us.  She is a “team-first” player which makes her important on our roster.  She will get her fair share of points.  Amber has become more stronger physically.  I know she will do some great things posting for us.  Tanner has been a pleasant surprise for us.  She is ready.  She’s looks mentally prepared.  And most importantly ready to lead this team.  She knows how important she is to us and for our success.  Where she may of shied away from that leadership challenge….she has embraced it this season.   These three Seniors will be the backbone of our season.  I happy they have shown they want the challenge.”


One junior enters varsity.  Dylan Holiday will come off the bench and provide needed minutes for the Post players.


7 key sophomores make the roster including three starters.  SF-Hunter Stevens, PG-Haley Harrell, G-Allie Wright.  Kayden Fosler will get a lot of playing time this year due to her athleticism and shooting ability.  Guards Bailey Brown and Kirsten Riise will be splitting time with Varsity and junior varsity.

“The sophomore group are a competitive bunch.  Haley (Harrell) will be handling the ball and we expect her to shoot the ball a little more, because she’s a good shooter.  Our offense starts with her.  Allie (Wright) is the “energizer bunny” of this group.  She is fast and we plan to utilize this on defense.  Allie will get her chances to score, but it’s defense with her.  Then Hunter Stevens provides our muscle at forward.  Great athlete that will allow at least two other players on the court to get a chance to score because defenses will have to honor her.  She can score and play solid defense.  Good all around player.”


One freshmen may  make the court a time or two this season.  Center-Shannon Stephenson is athletic and very strong.  She could see more minutes than anticipated at first.  Stephenson has shown ability to post strong and finish well.


Duncan said, “Tonight’s scrimmage game against Caston will give us a better look at where we are as a team.  We have been going at it pretty hard the last two weeks and our girls are ready to play someone other than each other.”


“The transition from Coach Cox to myself hasn’t been that big of an issue other than I’m doing things a little more different than he did….but not that much.  The girls understand my role is different than what they’ve known in the past, and that’s been received well….especially when I make them run drills in practice.”, he smiled.


Caston scrimmage is Monday night.  Freshman, JV and Varsity will be the line-up order with games starting at 5pm at PHS Gymnasium.