CULVER, IN – The Ancilla College men’s soccer team held its second soccer clinic at the Boys and Girls Club in Culver, IN this past Friday.  Along with three clinics the boys and girls also participated in halftime scrimmages of the Ancilla vs. Jackson NJCAA match on October 10th.

Head coach Darren Gallagher commented, “Ancilla College Men’s Soccer is proud to be involved with the Boys and Girls Club of Culver.  I have been involved in three different cities with them spanning over 5 years now with their after school programming and I know my players were excited to give back to the community!”

Carlos Ramirez, a second year player from El Paso, TX remarked, “I remember what it was like to have young, enthusiastic coaches come to my club and put on camps.  I know it motivated me to achieve more and I feel like Ancilla Soccer is more than just what we do on the field.”

Brandon Query, a first year player from Greencastle, IN mentioned, “Coach Gallagher was my club coach for Cutters Soccer Club before I arrived at Ancilla so I thought I knew the impact it would have on the local kids and community.  It was not until I went to the first clinic and saw the pure excitement of the kids and then to play during a game with 25 kids cheering for you – it was quite a connection!”

Cory Monnier of Boys and Girls Club of Culver happily stated, “Ancilla College is a class institution.  The emphasis the faculty places on student philanthropy is just so commendable.  Our members have had such a blast learning from Coach Gallagher and his team.”

The Chargers men’s soccer team will hold the last of the three clinics in Culver on Friday, November 2nd.  Coach Gallagher concluded, “I would like to thank Cory and the Boys and Girls club for the chance to share our soccer knowledge and at the same time walk away with a superb outreach experience.”