09/10/12 A discussion on pay raises for Culver Park Department employees was discussed during last week’s.

During the superintendent’s report again the issue of the 3% raise for the park employees including the Superintend was at issue. Park Board member Patty Stallings brought up the statement made by board member, Ed Behnke in the budget meeting. He had said that no other town employees were getting raises and that somehow he felt it was not a very politically smart move to give some raises while others get none. He also stated that the park was a separate entity and was in fact self-sufficient.

Kelly Young the Park Superintendent explained that leaving the raise in the budget does not mean she will get a raise however if they should choose to give raises the money has been budgeted.  Town Manager, David Schoeff was asked if it was true that the Town Council had voted to give themselves a raise or at least to put a raise in the budget.  Schoeff responded in the affirmative.

The Park Board did vote to keep the 3% raise in the budget for now.

Rhonda Reinhold Correspondent