07/30/12 Track & Field News magazine, “The Bible of the Sport,” has released its “official” prediction for the Olympic women’s 1500-meter run.

For Morgan Uceny fans there are some facts you need to know.  No American has ever won an Olympic medal in the women’s 1500-meter run.  So, the fact that Track & Field News would select Morgan Uceny to win a bronze medal is significant in itself.

Uceny is the only runner among the predicted Top 10 who has never broken the 4-minute mark.

In 2008, the top American finisher was Shannon Rowbury. She placed seventh. She is running again this year and is a teammate of Uceny’s.

You know that a few days ago, one of the top women’s contenders, Mariem Selsouli of Morocco was kicked out of the Olympics for failing a drug test.  Well, the woman that Track & Field News is now calling the 1500-meter favorite, Asli Cakir of Turkey, has a history of drug use as well. She was suspended for two years in 2004 after she tested positive at the World Junior Championships.

Plymouth’s Morgan Uceny will run on August 6th in the heat race and is expected to advance to the semi-finals on August 8th.  The finals will be held on August 10th.