06/08/12 Thursday, Congressman Joe Donnelly released the following statement announcing that he will vote for legislation that would repeal the excise tax on the medical device industry due to take effect in 2013. In October 2011, Donnelly signed on to cosponsor the bill to repeal the medical device tax, The Protect Medical Innovation Act, H.R. 436. It currently has 240 cosponsors from both sides of the aisle and the House is expected to pass it later this week.

“Indiana’s medical device industry is a leader in the U.S., and world, in developing innovative medical technologies and bringing them to the market.

“My top priority is creating and protecting Hoosier jobs and the job creators and workers in Indiana’s medical device industry are important to the state’s economy. Currently, there are more than 300 medical device manufacturers in Indiana, the industry supports more than 48,000 Hoosier jobs across the state, and wages for jobs in the industry are 56% percent higher than the state’s average wage rate.

“At a time when we’re facing too much partisan rhetoric, I’m pleased that, on this issue, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle came together to support this legislation in the House. I hope that the Senate will also consider and pass this legislation.”

Over two years ago, in October 2009, Congressman Donnelly and colleagues sent a letter to House leadership opposing the excise tax on medical device manufacturers.