05/22/12 Plymouth FOP 195 organized a memorial service and celebration for all Plymouth emergency services on Saturday, May 12th at the Fire Department.   During the service they honored the men and women who go into harms way each and every day to make our lives a bit safer, police officers, firefighters, and EMT’s and paramedics and their volunteers.

  The service opened with a bagpipe playing Amazing Grace followed by a prayer by former police officer and FOP member Steve Beam.  Hurshel Hunter, President of Plymouth FOP 195 welcomed those in attendance and served as MC.

   Plymouth Fire Chief Rod Miller introduced former chief Wayne Smith who was the guest speaker for the fire department side while Hunter introduced Denny Dribelbis who was the guest speaker for the police department side of the event.

   During the ceremony Hunter said, “If you are looking for a hero or a role model, you don’t have to look very far. You see, a hero isn’t someone who hits home runs or scores touchdowns in front of thousands of screaming fans. A hero is an average citizen who does something extraordinary to help someone else in need. A hero is a policeman, fireman, or paramedic never thinking about them self but thinking of those they have sworn to protect and serve.”  He continued, “The Badge is what binds us together, brothers and sisters alike…we are truly family. We stand as one!

The service concluded with Fire Chief Miller reading the 23rd Psalm and Steve Beam giving another prayer.