05/04/12 Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin released his department’s April Activity Report on Thursday.  A total of 218 men and women were booked into the Marshall County Jail last month.  The Top 10 Offenses were Battery, #9 Cocaine/meth, #8 Civil, #7 Driving while Suspended, #6 Illegal Consumption of Alcohol, #5 Public Intoxication, #4 Marijuana, #3 Failure to Appear, #2 Theft, and the number one reason while citizens were lodged in the County Jail was Operating while Intoxicated.

The 218 inmates jailed included 2 males and 5 females by Argos Police, 3 males and 2 females by Bourbon Officers, 7 males and 1 female by Bremen Police, 5 males and 1 female by Culver Officers, 6 males and 1 female from ISP officers, 61 males and 17 females by County Police officers and 56 males and 23 females by Plymouth Officers.

Included in the April Jail Report was a listing of inmates released with no judicial reviews.  3 Argos arrestees were released with no judicial review with 1 each for Bourbon and Culver, 2 ISP arrestees, and 14 from Plymouth Police arrests. Both the Bremen arrests and Marshall County Police arrests had no releases for no judicial review.  That means of the 218 booked into the jail 21 were release without review although they will get into the courts and appear before a judge.

The Sheriff’s report also notes that his officers responded to 38 accidents in April, 4 involved personal injury, 34 were property damage and 1 included a fatality.  County Police officer did 75 case reports, and wrote 46 citations.  The Sheriff’s Department received 741 civil process papers and 627 were served.