05/04/12 Plymouth- Francis Ellert (R), leading candidate for state representative House District 17, was endorsed by the local We the People Group Wednesday. Francis was the only candidate in district 17 endorsed by the organization which recognized Ellert’s leadership. “I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Marshall and Fulton County We the People group,” said Ellert. “It is important to me to have the support of fellow conservatives, passionate about bettering our community, and the state of Indiana.”

“We feel that he is the strongest candidate who will support and defend Indiana Hoosier values,” said We the People President, Don Nunemaker. The Marshall and Fulton County We the People Group is a Tea Party organization made up of several hundred area residents.

   Francis Ellert is a candidate in the Republican primary election in the newly-redistricted Indiana House District 17, which includes Marshall County, northern Fulton County, and the communities of Bremen, Bourbon, Plymouth, Culver, and Rochester.