The Lincoln Junior High girls track team opened their season with a meet against Indian Springs last night. The 8th grade girls lost by a score of 24-76. Shannon Stephenson was a double winner for Lincoln in high jump and shot put. Others placing for Lincoln:

Lexie Simpson- 3rd – high jump

Elizabeth Jackson- 1st– long jump

Kaylie Barden- 3rd – long jump

Sydney Oliver- 2nd– hurdles

Lexi Mahabeer- 2nd – 100m

Brooke Wagner- 3rd – 1600m


The 7th grade girls won their meet by a score of 62-38. Victoria Styers was a quadrupole winner in long jump, 100m, 4×100 relay and 4×400 relay. Others placing for Lincoln:

Nicole Horvath- 1st– discus, 2nd– shot put

Victoria Leazenby- 1st– shot put, 2nd– discus,

Hannah Puckett- 2nd– high jump

Kennedy Snyder- 3rd – high jump

Lauren Kolter- 2nd– long jump

Brittani Splix- 3rd– long jump

Cassie McPherron- 3rd– shot put

Allie Dennie- 2nd– hurdles

Hanna Hopple- 3rd– hurdles

Ashley Harrell- 2nd– 200m

Lanae Singleton- 1st– 4×100 relay, 3rd– 100m

Rachel Crawford- 2nd– 1600m, 2nd– 800m

Anna Bockman- 1st– 4×400 relay, 2nd– 400m

Rachel Hilty- 1st– 4×100 relay, 1st– 4×400 relay

Amber Blissmer- 1st– 4×100 relay, 1st 4×400 relay


The boys will travel to Indian Springs for their opening meet on Thursday, April 12th.