03/26/12 Jeni Hirschy, Assistant Principal at Riverside Intermediate School recently released a number of news items about the great things students at Riverside are doing.

Under a partnership with TCU, Riverside recognizes students and teachers who have earned perfect attendance for each nine weeks.  Student’s names are entered into a drawing for a savings bond from TCU.

  Winners for this past 9-weeks grading period are: (l to r)  Paige Masterson (grade 5), Jenny Mendez (grade 6), Beth Styers (representing TCU), Sydney Sullivan (grade 6), and Trenton Arvesen (grade 5)


The annual Fifth Grade Spelling Bee was held at Riverside Intermediate School on Thursday, March 22.  Ten students participated in the bee and the winner was Samantha Zechiel.  Samantha will represent Riverside at the county spelling bee which will be held at Culver on Monday, April 30th at 6:00 P.M.

The Riverside spellers are pictured: (l to r): front row:Bailee Hite, Jack Garner, Samantha Zechiel, Alex Spark, Troy Wieringa.
Second row: Lillian Wallace, Elizabeth Mendez, Jeffery Nettrouer, Cam Clarkson, and Levi Crawford.


Fifth and sixth grade students participated in the Marshall County Reading Council essay contest.  Students wrote an adventure story and submitted for the contest.  A committee selected the top essays.

  Grade 5 (pictured on the left) – Rosemary Szalay and Josie Edwards were tied for 1st place.  (winner), Left to right Rosemary Szalay, Bridget Shaffer, Mikaela Bush,  Josie Edwards, Morgan Espich, Bethany Hayden,. Mercedes Bastardo, Gillian Robrtson, Sienna Tremblay, Katy Smith

  Grade 6 students (pictured on the right) – Loren Mattern was the winner.  Left to right Zachary Stiller, Jewel Brown, Emma Daniels, Olivia Emmons, Lauren Mattern, Maggie Nate, Garret May, and Chloe Kulwicki.  Absent were finalists Rose Miller and Calvin Petrucelli.