03/20/12 Peggy L. Bodin, MSW, LCSW of Beers Mallers Backs and Salin, LLP in Warsaw spoke at Miller’s Senior Living Community in Plymouth on Wednesday afternoon.  Her topic was Veteran’s Benefits and Estate Planning.  Bodin’s practice is devoted to the areas of health care compliance law, elder law and estate planning.  She is an accredited attorney by the Veteran’s Affairs enabling her legally to counsel veterans and their families on compensation and pension benefits for qualifying wartime veterans.  After the power point presentation Bodin opened it up to questions.  The residents asked many interesting questions and learned many things they had not been aware of in the past.  To make an appointment with Bodin to learn more about veteran’s benefits you may call at 574-267-4300.


Picture Caption: Audrey Franklin listens as Peggy L. Bodin speaks about veteran’s benefits.