03/08/12 The Argos and Bremen swing choirs will be performing at the Argos Auditorium on Friday, March 9 at 8 p.m.  Tickets will be $3 a person and available at the door the night of the show.

The event is part of Argos High School Senior Kayla Sliter’s Senior Project.  Kayla has been a member of the Argos music program for her entire high school career and chose this as her project because she recognizes the importance of music education in schools.

  The two choirs will perform 30 minute sets along with Bremen’s jazz combo.  Sandy Burroughs, Argos music director, said “This is the first time we’ve hosted another school’s choir at Argos. When Kayla presented the idea of hosting an invitational a year ago, it seemed to be a great idea to have schools work together, rather than always competing against each other. With Bremen’s Choral Director Kathy Overmyer being an Argos graduate, inviting Bremen seemed like a good fit. It should be exciting to have the two schools perform together. Hopefully, the Bremen and Argos communities will attend the show and support these two music programs.”

Kathy Overmyer said “The Bremen Swing Choir is so excited to come perform at Argos.  As a non-competitive show choir, we don’t get to venture out to other schools much, so it’s a good experience for all of us.  Plus, I think it’s great that two schools in Marshall County are collaborating together for one common show.  If all goes well, I’d like to see something like this continue in future years!”  She closed by saying thanks to Kayla Sliter for inviting us!”