02/06/12 The Plymouth Speedway is proud to announce it is continuing to offer special rewards for its drivers for the 2012 season.

Flagman and marketer for the Speedway, Michael Houser, has been hard at work securing special sponsorship from many local and regional businesses helping promote the speedway, in an effort to continually reward winning – and hard luck – drivers.

“Klotz Synthetic Lubricants is coming on board this year,” Houser said. “They’re offering two $50 certificates for the asphalt shows throughout the year, so that’s $100 per asphalt show for all 19 weeks.”

Landrum Springs is also providing $50 certificates per week for the hard luck driver of the race, which Houser said will alternate between the Outlaw Late Model, Late Model Sportsman and Street Stock Series, and rotate continually through the year.

“They will also be the sponsor for the six-man shootout for the Street Stocks at the end of the year,” Houser said. “The week’s winner will get six points, five points goes for second place and on down to one point for sixth place. They’ll keep track on their dashes, and Landrum will provide a 6-foot trophy to the one with the most points on the last regular night of the year.”

Top Speed Fabrication of Angola is also offering $25 certificates in each of the top three divisions for the tenth-place finisher, Houser said, and at the end of the year, the company will provide a $100 certificate to the tenth-place driver in final points.

Finally, Hinchman Racewear from Indianapolis is offering $50 gift certificates weekly for each class for the entire year toward a new uniform. “Drivers can use them immediately or save them up, up to $300,” Houser said. “This is for each class, so everyone has a fair shake at getting a new uniform this year.”

Houser continues to work to provide bonuses for Plymouth Speedway drivers, and will announce partnerships with Phantom, Howe, Finish Line, and more, in coming weeks.

Action will be starting at Plymouth Speedway with the Cabin Fever 100 CRA Late Model Sportsman and CRA Street Stocks Saturday and Sunday, April 14 and 15. Regular racing begins at Plymouth Speedway Friday, April 27.