12/13/10 A duck hunter from South Bend and his vehicle winds up in Lawrence Lake Friday morning.

25 year old Joshua Markin from South Bend told County Officer Bruce Carter that he was planning on going fowl hunting at the lake.  He was parked on the ramp at the lake access and was watching through the binoculars.  The vehicle began to go towards the water and ended up being almost totally submerged in the lake.

Markin was able to escape from the 2005 Dodge Durango through the sun roof.

A member of the Marshall County Dive Team responded and assisted Carnegie Towing with the extraction of the vehicle from the lake.

When the vehicle was removed from the water it was discovered that the Durango was in park and the keys were in the coat pocket of the owner.  Markin told Officer Carter that he had taken his coat off and left it in the vehicle before jumping into the water and wading to shore.  Since Markin was fowl hunting he did have waders on at the time of the incident.