11/12/10 Plymouth Police Chief Jim Cox released the October Activity Report for his department this week during the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting.

The police department received 799 calls for information and answered 308 complaint calls.  City officers responded to 215 9-1-1 calls, conducted 208 traffic stops and 195 investigations.

Plymouth Police made 53 criminal arrests, conducted 49 security checks, checked on 37 alarms and conducted 36 vehicle checks.  Officers also investigated 34 property damage accidents, responded to 28 juvenile complaints, made 27 traffic arrests, issues 22 $2 parking tickets and investigated 19 suspicious persons and 14 suspicious vehicles.

Officers investigated 14 theft complaints, used the City’s K9 13 times, made 13 escorts, served 8 warrants, located 5 open doors and windows, investigated 4 batteries, responded to 3 domestic fights, investigated 1 personal injury accidents and issued 1 $10 ticket.