11/01/10 Calling all Plymouth patrons: you are invited to come on board and join in the process of developing an upcoming image and message of Plymouth. If you live or work in Plymouth or visit the area from time to time, your opinion matters and can significantly influence the direction on how Plymouth will be communicated online. The Wheel of Progress 2010 is a community-wide survey designed to offer a chance for each individual to voice his or her opinion on the strengths of Plymouth.

This collective effort lead by Mayor Mark Senter, the Superintendent of the Plymouth Public School Corporation, Dan Tyree and President of PIDCO, Mark Gidley along with other community-minded businesses and individuals was inspired from a realization that Plymouth was not represented effectively online. Earlier this summer, Dan Tyree was seeking innovative ways to increase student enrollment for Plymouth schools and recognized that although some sites represent Plymouth well, the overall online presence for Plymouth was in need of improvement.  With a growing appreciation on the impact web sites have on the public, Dan wanted to improve the overall image and message Plymouth was making on line. He comments, “There are many strengths Plymouth has and a lot of people have a strong idea of what Plymouth is and should be known for. We need to collect all of those opinions and work together so we can move forward, like spokes in a wheel.”

City Center owner Jim Vinall adds, “We can’t market ourselves if we don’t know who we are.” He recognizes the hardest part of moving forward is “getting everyone to see the big picture. The key is, we all have to work together.”

Moving forward and working together is what the Wheel of Progress is about. A cohesive unified vision of the city will properly represent the strengths of Plymouth online. This will help position Plymouth for the next generation of growth and economic development.

The survey is now available to everyone and the public is encouraged to invest in the process. Results of survey will be presented at a public forum in early December where a new image and message will be unveiled.

All completed surveys will be entered into a drawing and five participants will be awarded a $100 Chamber of Commerce gift certificate.

The Wheel of Progress launched on Friday, October 29th and will be available for ten days. This one page survey may be completed in printed format or online. Printed surveys will be available as an insert in the local newspaper. Copies may be picked up in person from the mayor’s office and throughout a variety of locations and businesses. The public may prefer to complete the survey online and may access it at the top of any page on the new WTCA website at am1050.com or at iheartplymouth.com.

Mayor Mark Senter urges the public to share their ideas, vision and thoughts through this survey. The results of the survey will represent the community’s opinions on the strengths and will guide the creative development of a strong message and image for Plymouth, Indiana.