10/11/10 The Plymouth Public Library is featuring a wonderful program called, “DOGS AT THE LIBRARY”.  Do dogs like books and enjoy listening to stories?  The Marshall County 4-H Dog Club students and their dogs will be in the Children’s Room on Monday, October 11, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. for just this purpose.  These dogs are well trained and do enjoy books very much.  Your child can choose a book and a cozy place, then read to one of the dogs at the library.  Children of all ages are eligible for this event.  This program will be offered on the 2nd Monday of each month, October through February.

 Studies have shown that reading to dogs improves children’s reading skills.  Dogs are non-judgmental and therefore increase a child’s confidence when reading aloud.

Animals are ideal reading companions because they:

                                                         help increase relaxation and lower blood pressure

                                                         listen attentively

                                                         do not laugh or criticize

                                                         allow children to proceed at their own pace

                                                         are less intimidating than peers

 Come find out more about why the library has gone to the dogs!  No sign-up required.  For more information call the Plymouth Public Library at 936-2324 and press 2 for the Children’s Room.