10/08/10 Parents and students from Plymouth High School had an opportunity to meet with teachers and guidance staff on Wednesday night for conferences. The guidance staff also held informal meetings for juniors and seniors and their parents.

 Principal Jim Condon greeted attendees and answered questions throughout the evening. Condon said, “I’ll have to check the sign-in sheets for actual numbers of those attending, but at first appearance, it looks like we had success.” He added, “This allows us to continue to develop the relationships between parents and the school.”

 Superintendent Dan Tyree was also pleased with the event. Tyree said, “Some of our high school staff and parents went through the Parent Academy training last year. Tonight was evidence that they are going to foster even better relationships with all of our parents.”

 Parents of senior Luke Bumpus were among those speaking with Stacy Sheetz of Guidance. They, like many other parents, are actively seeking information on filling our college applications. Lance Bumpus said, “We know almost everyone here since Luke is active in tennis and speech and debate; but it is helpful to meet them professionally as well.”

 Dr. Tim and Marianne Peters said the experience was all new for them. Their daughter Kate is a freshman this year. Dr. Peters said, “This is our first child in high school and we are new to the high school culture.” Marianne Peters commented on the difference in the amount of homework between the junior high and high school levels. She said, “Kate has a lot of homework now; but she is taking some hard classes.”

 Apparently the high school routine is working for Kate, she managed to get all “A’s” on her first high school report card.

 Parents were able to pick up their child’s report card with grades for the first six weeks when registering.