Mayor to Reinstitute Youth Council

June 17, 2010


 This week members of the Plymouth Common Council approved some amendments to a City ordinance from 1982 that pertains to the creation of a Youth Council.

Mayor Mark Senter wants to rectify the Youth Council that has not been in existence for a number of years.   The purpose of the original Youth Council was to promote direct communication between the youth of the community, the city administration, and the community as a whole.  The hope was to create projects related to Youth Council purposes and objectives; to encourage the City to provide activities for its younger people; to support, aid and assist persons or organizations with ideas or projects which promote the Youth Council and provide opportunities to work with City government.

The amendments include creating a council of 20 members, all of whom must be teenage citizens who reside in the territorial limits of Plymouth.  The Mayor will appoint 4, 2 of which will be from PHS, 1 from Lincoln Junior High and 1 from Riverside Intermediate School.  Each member of the City Council will appoint 2 members and the Adult Advisors shall choose 6 more, 2 from PHS, 2 from LJH and 2 from Riverside.

The Mayor will appoint two 2 interested citizens to serve as Adult Advisors to the Youth Council. The advisor does not need to live within the city limits and the term will be for one year. 

The ordinance amendments passed by the City Council on second and third readings.