September 23, 2013

  09/24/13 Claire Ewart, author/illustrator will be the Young Authors’ Conference speaker at the annual conference for children which will be held at Argos Community Schools on April 15th, 2014. Besides the conference in Argos, Ewart will be making appearances at other Marshall County elementary schools. Students and parents will be able to purchase Ewart’s books at the conference. Student writing and illustration contests will be held in conjunction with the conference.


Along with the Young Authors’ Conference, the Marshall County Reading Council has set its agenda for the 2013-2014 school year. The first meeting will be October 5th, 2012, 10:00 AM, at the Plymouth Public Library in the Laramore Room. Jill Houin will be discussing apps that are beneficial to teaching. New library materials will be presented and several of Ewart’s books will be given as door prizes. Parents and other interested persons are welcome to attend. Refreshments will be served.


The second meeting will be the Reading Council’s Spring Awards Banquet to be held on March 20th at 6 PM at the Pretty Lake Methodist Church. The Reading Council will award its Celebrate Literacy plaques to groups or individuals who make significant contributions to literacy in Marshall County. For educators, PGP certificates will be presented for both meetings.


The Marshall County Reading Council has been designated an Honor Council by the Indiana State Reading Association for the 2012-13 school year. The Honor Council award is presented for outstanding programs during the school year. Some of the local chapter activities include not only the Young Authors’ Conference but also the Books for Babies Program. This latter program provides 2 baby books to new parents at Marshall County hospitals which emphasizes the importance of reading. New parents are encouraged to read to babies which will help them succeed later in school. Donations of baby books or money are always welcome for this program.  Contact for more information. The Reading Council also awards 2 scholarships to graduating seniors in Marshall County. Interested students should contact their Guidance Departments in their respective schools.


The Reading Council’s membership drive is going on now until October 31st. Annual dues are $10.00 and membership brochures may be obtained from the individuals below or at the area public libraries. Teachers, librarians, school administrators, parents and other interested individuals are invited to join. Area schools with the highest percentage of members will receive a free author visit at these schools.


Argos—Mary Jackson

Bremen—Cynthia McKenzie

Culver—Teri Zechiel

Jefferson—Natasha Norris

LaVille—Alex Remble

Menominee—Laura Garrity

North Liberty–Erin Stidham

Retirees—Mary Jackson

Riverside—Sharon Scott

St. Michael—Jenny Matchett

Triton-Sarah Blake

Walkerton—Ann Riggs

Washington—Jenny Mevis

Webster—Kim Scott