Argos to Consider Policy on Fire Volunteers Filling Pools

June 22, 2010


 The Argos Town Council was asked to set a policy concerning the Fire Department filling swimming pools.  Town Clerk, Patty Jones, wanted to know what she was to say when a resident came in asking to have the Fire Department to fill their swimming pools.  It has been a “perk”, in years past, for the volunteers to use the pumper truck to fill their pools.  Once the pool was filled they would report it to the clerks office and pay for the water used.  It was reported that some of the pools that have been filled have not paid for the water.   Patty wanted a policy in place so it would be fair for all.
At the June 16th meeting the Fire Department presented a preliminary policy.  The resident who wants their pool filled would request a work order in the clerk’s office.  A volunteer from the Fire Department would then fill the pool at volunteer’s convenience.  They would report the water used and the resident would then be billed.  There is also a request for a donation to the Fire Department on the work order. 
The Council set the dates for the 2011 Budget Workshops.  They have to be held between June 30th and June 14th.  The Council will be meeting at 6 PM on July 1st, 8th, and 14th.
The workshops are open to the public.