City Meetings Monday Evening

June 14, 2010


The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety will meet Monday evening at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall.  At 6:30 the Common Council meeting is scheduled to begin. 

The Board of Public Works and Safety is expected to award a bid for the Plymouth TechFarm Project in TIF District #3. 

City department heads will present their reports and the city attorney will present an agreement between the City of Plymouth and Van Vactor Farms regarding the equal division of proceeds from land sales in the TechFarm. 

Under requests is the tabled request of Kimberly Teutle for a streetlight near Beerenbrook and 7th Streets and the request of Heart and Hands for a short kids parade prior to the Latino Festival on Saturday.

In other business representatives from the city’s financial consultants, Umbaugh will discuss a Wastewater rate adjustment and Mark Sullivan from Commonwealth Engineers will update the board on the status of the water-main relocation on Pioneer Drive.

The Common Council meeting includes second and third reading of an amendment to the ordinance pertaining to the Mayor’s Youth Council and the amendment to the Garbage Ordinance. 

Under new business is it anticipated that the City Council will accept the Conflict of Interest Statement from Don Wendel and approve the Tax Abatement Compliance Form for Pregis Innovative Packaging.  The city attorney will present ordinance 2010-2007 The Sewage Rate Ordinance for the City of Plymouth and a resolution to approve the application of James Xaver for a rehabilitation interest subsidy grant. 

These meetings are open to the public for comments and questions on agenda items only.