Severe Weather Prompts Reminder to Purchase All-Hazard-Radios

June 7, 2010


With recent severe weather that swept across several states, the Indiana Department of Homeland Security is encouraging the purchase of all hazard radios.

“All hazard radios can save lives,” said IDHS Executive Director Joe Wainscott. “They are a crucial tool for every individual and family, and are a reliable avenue for receiving timely public safety warnings and other potentially life-saving information around the clock.”

During threatening conditions, NOAA all hazard radios give a special alarm so listeners can take appropriate safety measures.

All hazard radios can be found online and at many local retailers, and make a great gift. Be sure to include extra batteries so the radio can continue to operate if power services are disrupted.

While many of the life threatening situations faced by Indiana citizens are related to severe weather events, all hazard radios will also provide alerts and information about other developing hazardous situations including: hazardous materials incidents, biological threats, contagious diseases, food contamination, industrial fires, power plant incidents and other potentially dangerous situations. It will also relay various emergency warnings including child abduction Amber Alerts, notices to evacuate, local area crises, emergency action notifications and civil emergency messages.

In addition to all hazard radios as an avenue for warning, many local and national media provide warning systems that can go directly to your mobile phone via text message.

“A redundant system of warning is the key to alerting the most people in the shortest amount of time,” Wainscott said. He also recommends monitoring local television and radio broadcasts, and paying attention to your surroundings when outside.


County Codes to Program an All Hazards Radio
Most all hazard radios require a county code to limit the geographic area for notices. The list of Indiana counties and their corresponding codes for our listening area is below.
COUNTY        SAME#            
Elkhart             018039
Fulton              018049
Kosciusko        018085
La Porte           018091
Marshall           018099
Porter               018127
Pulaski             018131
St. Joseph        018141
Starke              018149