2nd Friday Event includes Opening Night Reception at inSPIRATIVE Art Center

June 11, 2010


 inSPIRATIVE art center kicks off the summer season with an opening night reception featuring Michael Burman. His work includes a multi dimensional show of sculptures created from a variety of materials.

Artist Burman shares, “I see the shapes as evocative, elegant and peaceful. Again, hoping the viewer will agree, I like to imagine these objects to have been made, not by myself, but by an artisan of some ancient culture as a work of reverence and then left to be discovered by some later generation. Much like that felt by the discoverers of the mysterious stone heads on Easter Island, or by those who look upon the Giza pyramids, I would wish viewers to gain a sense of mystery or wonder from the experience. My hope is that they approach the work introspectively, being open to the positive mental changes that are possible in such situations. At the very least, I hope they find insight, a bit of calm or a brief respite from the hectic and clamorous world they left behind to enter this place.”

Michael Burman’s show opens on Friday, June 11 at 7:00 p.m. Exhibit runs through July. For more information, contact Angela Leed, gallery director by phone (574.780.1024) or email.

The opening night reception for Michael Burman’s show is in conjunction with an evening full of community activities all on the same block. Downtown Plymouth’s “Second Friday” event will provide outdoor family fun festivities including a bouncy house, fingerprinting and a kiddies game booth. Sponsors for this outdoor free event include Laurie Sutter of State Farm Insurance and WTCA radio.

Joining in on the Second Friday events include the Heartland Artist Gallery. The Heartland Artists will be showcasing pastel artist Cathy McCormick and photographer Catherine M. Hahn for an opening reception at 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Heartland Artists Gallery, located at 200 N. Michigan Street, is one door north of inSPIRATIVE art center. All of the Second Friday activities take place within one block in downtown Plymouth.