Plymouth School Board Agenda for Tuesday Released

August 30, 2015

Plymouth Community SchoolsThe Plymouth School Board will meet for a regular Board meeting on Tuesday, September 1 at 7:00 P.M.

Immediately following the regular meeting (approximately 8:00 P. M.), they will hold a hearing for the proposed approximately $35M total, 2016 budgets. The proposed budgets were discussed during a budget workshop in August and published in the Pilot News and via Gateway.

Agenda items for the regular meeting include, but are not limited to: Permission to Hire; Resolution for Indemnification; Acknowledge Teacher’s Background for Licensure; Consider Adoption of Reimbursement Resolution, Consider Action of Preliminary Bond Resolution, and Consider Architect for Bonds.

The Board will consider a contract with Michiana Behavioral Health Care for 2015-2016 at an estimated cost of $127,224. The contact provides for two full-time teachers, fringe benefits for teachers, supplies and books, equipment, training, along with part-time services of a secretary for 3 hours each week for 52 weeks. The costs are paid monthly at a rate of $14,136 from September, 2015 to May, 2016.

Additionally, they will receive information and hear on 1st reading for 38 new and revised policies and guidelines. The school corporation uses the services of NEOLA on matters of management documents.

Topics of those being heard include, but not limited to the following: In-School Discipline; Service Animals; Career and Technical Education; Drug-Free Workplace; Staff Gifts; School and Governmental Agencies; Electronic Resources; Animals on School Corporation Property; Issue of Medication; Student Discipline; Expulsion of Students Not Yet Identified as Eligible for Special Education; Test Security Provisions for Statewide Assessments; and Purchasing.

Other items being heard include: Immunization of Students in School; Mandatory Curriculum; Conflicts of Interest and Vendor Relations; Termination and Resignation; Audio ,Video, and Digital Recording of Meetings; and Functions.

A new item is listed as Advertising, Commercial Activities, Sponsorships and Naming Rights.

Meetings of the Board are open to the public however, comments from the audience are limited to agenda items only.

Carol Anders Correspondent