Roles cast for Missoula Children’s Theatre ‘The Frog Prince’

June 23, 2010


Roles were cast Monday morning at Menominee Elementary School for the Missoula Children’s Theatre production of “The Frog Prince,” that will take place at 7 p.m. Friday, June 25, and Saturday, June 26, at the Young Outdoor Amphitheater in Centennial Park in Plymouth.  Admission is $6 for adults, $3 for students and free for preschoolers.  Rain venue is Menominee Elementary School.

Missoula Children’s Theatre Tour actor/directors Sarah Mergener, Wisconsin, and Hannah Strickland, Athens, Georgia, auditioned 64 students who showed up and all 64 were cast!

“We are so excited that everyone who showed up got a part.  We hate it when kids have to be turned away because there are not enough parts to go around,” said Dawn Garver, volunteer with Kids & Moms for Missoula Children’s Theatre, who works with the Plymouth Park Deptment to put on the shows.

Roles cast include:

Castle Frog/Prince, Michael Gray; Bertha the Alligator, Kelsey Shaffer; Swamp Frog, April Bowen; Ollie Aspen Tree, Becca Houser; Princess Prim, Allegra Davis; Princess Proper, Chase Holzwart; Princess Peppy, Kate Peters; and the Fly, Hannah Stillson.

Knights:  Nick Hamera, Olivia Neese, Katelyn O’Neal, Gabby Garver, Phillip McFarland, Tanner Kinney, Cameron Carter and Eric Burch.

Swamp Things:  Catherine Neese, Chloe Peregrine, Payton Sales, Takis Kurtis, Sadie Buchanan, Abigale Lee, Jessica Johnson, Haley Buchanan, Trynitie Cox, Cassidy Holiday, Ally Dolan, Taylor O’Neal, Alexis Aistrop, Brittany Culp, Cole Holiday, Victoria Styers, Hope Carter and Claire Peters.

Flamingos:  Hope Babcock, Shelby Haisley, Emily Trump, Patience Forsythe, Nicole Snare, Briana Gantz, Megan Maxwell and Giuliana Davis.

Ducks:  Olivia Wendell, Haylie Cox, Lauren Chupp, Callie Burch and Carter Cripe.

Venus Fly Traps:  Quincey Hess, Zailey Hess, Lydia Zeller, Ryan Puglisi, Lennon Richie, Hipolito Sanchez, Colin Chupp, Aidan Rivera, Billy Sanchez, Suzanne Evans, Vandalyn Daniels, Calli Peregrine and Lauren Dove.

Assistant Directors:  Trevor Kinney, Katie Culp, Emma Daniels and Trevor Pletcher.

Piano accompanist: Alexandra Jeffirs.

Henrietta/Maria VonFlyTrap/Queen:  Tour Actor/Director Hannah Strickland

Tour Actor/Director:  Sarah Mergener.

In order to help raise the $7,100 it takes to bring Missoula Children’s Theatre to Plymouth twice this summer, because there is so much interest, donations are being accepted.  Children are not charged to participate so that no child is excluded because of inability to pay.  MCT donations may be dropped off or mailed to the Plymouth Park Dept., 1660 N. Michigan St., Plymouth.