City Council Approves Community Improvement Grant Applications

June 25, 2010


The Plymouth Community Improvement Commission was originally established for the administration of the Indiana Department of Commerce grant for downtown revitalization.  Since the original IDC grant, the source of funds used to support activities of the Commission is the interest generated on monies in the Community Improvement Fund.

The purpose of the interest subsidy program is to encourage property owners to renovate the façade of existing buildings and other real property improvements that enhance the most visible portion of the property.  The encouragement is in the form of a rebate to the property owner of an amount not to exceed 20% of the actual project costs directly related to the façade improvement.  

The Plymouth Community Improvement Commission recently made favorable recommendations to the City Council on two applications for interest subsidy grants.

Robert and Karen Hafke recently purchased the property at 304 North Center Street.  They are underway with a renovation and exterior improvement project estimated to cost $19,350. The Commission recommended the maximum rebate of 20% or $3,870. 

The second request was by James Xaver of Xaver Cleaners at 217 North Michigan Street.  Xaver is planning to re-paint the building and put up a new awning with an estimated project cost of $4,175.  The Community Improvement Commission recommended the maximum rebate of 20% or $835.

The Plymouth Common Council approved both grant applications.