Lots of Interest in the Commerce Shell Building

November 19, 2014

Garmong_FrontMembers of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission were updated by City Attorney Sean Surrisi on the Garmong Commerce Building in TIF District #3.

Surrisi said, “There’s been a lot of activity out there.” Mayor Mark Senter and Surrisi met with a prospect on Monday and they have another meeting on Thursday. He said, “It seems like we have some promising leads.”

The Marshall County Economic Development Corporation has been working hard to find someone for the facility. Executive Director Jerry Chavez said in a phone interview, “We have had lots of interest in the Commerce Building. These are not the first showings of the property.” He explained that the winter season makes the building more desirable because you can’t build once the ground is frozen. The shell of this building is complete so all someone has to do is finish the inside and they are ready for production.

“Marshall County Economic Development’s marketing initiatives the last few months are producing leads,” Chavez said. We have billboards and have targeted correspondences to site selectors with positive results.

The city attorney told members of the Redevelopment Commission that it was getting close for the contractor, Garmong to turn the building over to the Redevelopment Commission. They are still waiting on the final detailed as-built plans for the drainage pond to be presented before the commission will take control.