Bremen Couple Cool about Hot Millions Win

June 4, 2010

06/04/10 A Marshall County couple were subdued as they claimed a $1 million prize at Hoosier Lottery Headquarters in Indianapolis today.  Ed and Martha Quinn of Bremen were amazingly cool and quiet as they redeemed their winning Hot Millions ticket.

“It feels good,” said Ed Quinn.  “I like it.”

Ed Quinn bought the lucky ticket at Speedway at 1228 W. Plymouth Street in Bremen. Initially, Quinn thought he had won $10. As the zeroes in his $1,000,000 prize revealed themselves, he realized he was looking at more than just pocket change.

Today, the Quinns received an initial payment of $35,845.80 after taxes.   They will receive $50,000 (before taxes) annually for the next 19 years.  That’s not a bad bonus income for a couple of retirees.

Quinn is retired from the real estate business.  The couple have four grown daughters and nine grandchildren. They plan to use the money to help their grandchildren. Beyond that, they said they simply plan to enjoy a steak dinner.

Since 1989, Hoosier Lottery players have won more than $7.7 billion in prizes. The Hoosier Lottery has transferred $3.7 billion to the state for the benefit of the citizens of Indiana.

The Hoosier Lottery reminds all players to please play responsibly.