PublishAmerica Presents From Prodigy to Idol by James T. McAfee

June 21, 2010


PublishAmerica is proud to present From Prodigy to Idol: A Fictional Autobiography by James T. McAfee of Plymouth, Indiana.

Go deep inside the mind of an idol. JT Magee went from a child prodigy of music to one of the worlds greatest singing idols. In his own words, read how he deals with fame and fortune.

Understand his beliefs in family values, and his love and passion for music. See how he deals with lies, secrets and deception within  his own family and loved ones. And see how an obsession nearly ruined everything that he had loved and cared for. To the world, JT Magee was the perfect idol.  To JT Magee, he was just a man who loved music, who just wanted honesty and respect from others. And he wants to know why God is always testing his faith.

“I have worked in factories all my life, but I have always wanted to write something,” James T. McAfee said. “This is my first novel and hopefully not my last.”

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