City Opens Quotes for Police Vehicles

March 13, 2013

  03/14/13 Quotes for new police vehicles were opened during Monday night’s Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety meeting.

Two local car dealers submitted quotes to the city and they were opened during the meeting.  Country Auto supplied a quote of $22,157 for a 2013 Dodge Charger 2-wheel drive sedan. They offered $1,800 trade in for a 2006 Crown Vic so the final quote was $20,357.

Chief Dave Bacon explained that this year’s budget was for 4 new vehicles, 3 marked cars and 1 unmarked.  He discussed the climate in north-central Indiana and the difficulty in handling squad cars in the snow.  The Chief said a few years ago the department allowed officers to drive their personal 4-wheel drive vehicles because the patrol cars couldn’t get around in the snow.   Chief Bacon said, “The fleet needs some all-wheel drive vehicles.  That’s why I have requested to purchase 2-all wheel drive vehicles and one 2-wheel drive squad.  Because of the additional cost for the all-wheel drive vehicles he is only going to purchase 3 vehicles this year.

County Auto could not meet the specifications for the all-wheel drive vehicles and only quote for the sedan.

Oliver Ford Lincoln supplies quotes for the 2-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles.  The all-wheel drive utility vehicle would be the 2013 Ford Interceptor with a retail price of $32,365 each.  Oliver’s quote for the city was $27.35 each.  The quote for the 2-wheel drive vehicle was a Ford Interceptor sedan with a retail price of $31,005.  Oliver’s quote to the city was $25,546.  There are three trade-ins with this purchase, a 2006 Ford Taurus at $2,500, a 2006 Ford Crown Victoria at $1,750 and a 2007 Dodge Magnum at $5,000.  Net cost for the entire package would be $68,146…well within the Chief’s budget.

Council members motioned to allow the Chief to review the quotes and move forward with the low quotes that meet the specifications.