Change Orders Lengthen Completion Date for Pioneer Road

October 3, 2011

10/04/11 The Pine Road, now Pioneer Road extension project between US 30 and State Road 17 is nearly complete.  On Monday, Construction Manager Ron Wireman from DLZ presented the County Commissioners with two change-orders for the project during their meeting.  Both change order number 9 and 10 are for additional days added to the completion date.   

Wireman explained that the union strike this summer was one reason and the hauling of material by the county for the project was cause for several more days. 

The original completion date was September 14th.  With approval of the two change orders for the extension of 33 more days on the project the completion date is now set at November 17th.

Wireman said the pre-final inspection will be completed in the next couple of weeks.  Once INDOT has reviewed the project and the punch list items are completed the roadway will be turned over to Marshall County. 

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer thanked Wireman and Lori Johnson from DLZ for the work they have done on the project. 

Later in the Commissioner’s meeting Highway Superintendent Neal Haeck presented a quote from Michiana Contracting to place a red blinking light at the intersection of Pioneer Drive and Lincoln Highway.  Haeck said traffic at the intersection is increasing and it’s so wide that the stop signs are placed far to the side of the roadway that people who are not familiar with the intersection aren’t sure what they are to do. 

Michiana Contracting’s quote is $16,300 for the purchase and installation of the blinking red lights with poles and control box.