Jones Seeks 2nd Term at Argos Clerk Treasurer

July 7, 2015

PattyJones_argos Clerk_filingOn Tuesday morning Patty Jones filed her intention for a second term at Argos Town Clerk Treasurer.  Jones was first appointed to the seat in 2008 and then re-elected in 2011.

When asked why she wanted another term by WTCA Jones said, “I guess the main message that I want to convey to my constituency is that I love this town and I am humbled and honored to serve my community.”  She continued, “I chose Argos to raise my daughter Katie so she can get a great education and have those small town ideals that I have.”

Looking back over the past 7 year Patty Jones said,   “Argos is poised for growth and positive changes and I would love to have another term to help see it through.”  She highlighted some of the recent improvement including the downtown improvement project currently underway, the addition of 75 acres for and industrial park that she was instrumental in obtaining the ground and the “Shovel Ready” status from the state, the solar park and the brand new splash pad.  Jones said, “Although I didn’t the final decision, as the Chief-Financial-Officer of the town input from my office played an integral part in the decision making of the Town Board.”

One accomplishment Patty Jones is most proud of is saving the Town of Argos over $100,000 on insurance premiums for their commercial and liability coverage by seeking a new provider and still having excellent coverage.

Jones acknowledged the great staff of dedicated employees saying, “They always do everything asked of them while maintaining great customer service and a great attitude.”   During the past several years Jones has updating technology in the Argos Clerk’s office to keep up with the growing demands of the job.

The Argos Town Clerk said she was implementing a “Welcome Bag” for new residents this August and stated, “I feel it is important to make new residents feel welcome.”   The welcome bag will include things like coupons from local businesses, pens, and magnets with important town numbers, a USB flash drive with town ordinances, and more.

Patty Jones will be a candidate on for the Republican Town Convention in Argos.

Deadline to file intentions for the town conventions in Argos, Bourbon, Culver and LaPaz is noon on Monday, August 3rd.