Indiana Secretary of State Announces the Nation’s First Online Comprehensive Roster of Elected Officials

September 16, 2010

Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita announced Wednesday the release of a new online tool allowing Hoosiers to generate and view the names and responsibilities of each of their elected officials across federal, state and local government. ‘Who Are Your Elected Officials,’ is the first of its kind in the nation and supplies voters with a unique reference tool, accessing a comprehensive database showing the names, and in many cases contact information, of all federal, state, county and local officials elected to serve as well as their specific duties.

“Every Hoosier has at least 30 elected officials serving them in some public capacity throughout all levels of government,” Secretary Rokita said. “This tool compiles this information into one place. The website provides a quick reference for voters and taxpayers about their elected officials while marking a giant step forward toward government transparency.”

The new online tool, which can be found at, uses Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and county precinct information to create an all-inclusive map of districts and voting boundaries. Hoosiers only need to provide an Indiana address in the search field to view a listing of every elected or appointed official who serves in their voting district, from president to township and school board offices.

Additionally, by using GIS technology, the online tool provides electronic maps showing the boundaries of corporations, cities and towns.

“No other state offers a more comprehensive online tool than ‘Who Are Your Elected Officials’ where individuals can quickly find out who their federal, state and local leaders are.” Secretary Rokita said. “I am proud of the efforts of the Indiana Election Division, the Help America Vote Act team and each of the offices of our county clerks who worked together to make this online service a reality.”

Along with a listing of names and offices, the online application will also feature reference sheets of the duties assigned to each office. This information was edited and adapted from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s book, “Here Is Your Indiana Government.”

The Secretary’s Election Division has developed a number of new online features to educate and inform Hoosier voters in recent years. Along with ‘Who Are Your Elected Officials,’ Hoosiers can also check to see candidates running for public office on ‘Who’s On Your Ballot,’ register to vote online, confirm voter registration or check the location of their polling place using