Three Arrested by County Officers for Burglary on West County Line Road

June 22, 2010


An investigation by Detective Sgt. Neal Wallace with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department has uncovered three suspects involved in a burglary in the 9,000 block of West County Line Road. 

During the investigation of the burglary two of the offenders were identified as Derick Platz-Pearish and Christopher Cooley.  Further investigation resulted in identifying the driver of the getaway vehicle, Casey Pranger. 

22 year old Derick Platz-Pearish was arrested on June 15th and subsequently charged with burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary and theft.  On Thursday, June 17th as the investigation continued a search warrant was executed at the Chris Cooley residence on Lilac Road.  While executing the search warrant 23 year old Chris Cooley and 19 year old Casey Pranger returned to the residence and were arrested on warrants for burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary and theft related to the burglary of the West County Line Road residence.   

All subjects are currently being held in the Marshall County Jail.