City Officer Commended by Local Citizen

April 12, 2011

04/13/11 Plymouth Police Chief Jim Cox took time Monday evening during the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting to recognize an officer in his department.  He actually read a letter from a resident who wanted to share their appreciation for the actions of a city officer.

Chief Cox read the letter that follows:

I just wanted to send a quick not to commend Officer Steve DeLee.  I met him a couple of months ago when I ran into him while he was doing a check on my parents place on Bayless Street while they were away in Florida for the winter.  I and my parents really appreciate that your department can provide this service.

But there was something else that he did just a couple of weeks ago that really made me want to write you this note.  On March 17th my son got hurt during recess at Riverside.  He had been pushed over the railing on one of the catwalks that leads up to the jungle gym.  He ended up breaking both of his wrists in the fall.  The ambulance was called and Officer DeLee was the officer that responded to the call along with the ambulance.  I remember seeing him there at the time, but I was somewhat distracted of course by the situation at hand.

Anyway, two days after the accident Officer DeLee came by my place to see how my son was doing and he brought along a DARE foam car for him.  He joked that you guys have DARE pencils, but he didn’t think that would be much for him at this point.  So he found the foam squad car and thought he could squeeze on that to help him regain some strength and dexterity.  I was really touched by him kind gesture and thoughtfulness.  Things like this probably wouldn’t happen if I lived in some big city.

I love living in Plymouth and knowing that our police force has quality guys like Officer DeLee makes me feel even more pride in our town.  S0 thanks again for all that you and your department does for everyone in our community.


Rob Kadlec.