Council & Commissioners say NO Raises, NO New Employees, Flat Line Budgets

June 15, 2010


 The Marshall County Commissioners gave the Council their recommendations for the 2011 budget during the Council meeting Monday.

Commissioner President, Kevin Overmyer said, “I want to say thank you to the Council and office holders.  Over the years you have kept this county solvent.   People need to realize how fortunate we are in the county.”  He continued, “We’ve heard a lot of requests, I would suggest the kitchenettes should be replaced through the department of Building and Grounds while the I.T. department should be the one to consider the switching out of computers.”

Commissioner Jack Roose said the County’s attempt to secure a couple of energy grants was not successful.  The county was hoping to replace the windows and doors in the County Building at an estimated cost of $135,000.

The Commissioners suggested no raises in 2011. Overmyer said, “I hope for the possibility of raises but I anticipate it won’t happen.”  They said they didn’t want to disappoint employees by giving them the idea of a raise and then having to take it away.  As the discussion continued it was suggested that if funding was available the Council could approve an additional after the first of the year to allow for a raise. 

Other recommendations from the Commissioners included no new employees, keeping budget totals as close to the 2010 bottom lines as possible and future discussions with other communities in the County to consider  consolidation of offices and services.