Republicans Sweep City Election

November 8, 2011

11/09/11 Tuesday’s Municipal Election included the City of Plymouth, Town of Argos and Town of Culver and for the most part it was the Republicans who came out on top.

Only eight precincts were voting in the various elections thus the results were came in within about an hours time.   

There were a total of 7541 registered voters in the 8 precincts with 286 voting absentee and 1826 using the voting machines on Tuesday.  Voter turn-out was a miserable 27.64%.

Looking at the City of Plymouth Election, Mayor Mark Senter will serve the citizens as Mayor for another 4 years.  Senter had 978 votes or 63.67% while his challenger Jim Vinall received 558 votes or 36.33% of the votes.

Incumbent, Mike Delp will serve another 4 years in the City Council At Large seat.  Delp received 953 votes or 62.45% of the vote while his challenger, Matt Miller had 573 votes or 37.55% of the vote. 

City Council District one is currently help by Chuck Ripley.  After serving several terms Ripley decided not to run again so there will be a new face on the City Council.  Republican Duane Culp received 110 votes or 55% of the vote while his challenger, Jeff Houin received 90 votes or 45% of the votes. 

City Council District two will also have a new face since Democrat Don Gardner decided not to run again after serving two terms.  Republican Don Ecker Jr. received 256 votes or 58.31% of the vote while the democrat, Tony Gamble received 183 votes or 41.32% of the votes.

Incumbent Wayne Smith, City Council District three will start his second term at the first of the year.  Smith won with 215 votes or 51.68% while his challenger, Democrat Shiloh Foeseca received 201 votes or 48.32% of the votes.

There will be one more new face on the Plymouth City Council next year because republican Mark Neidig Jr. decided he would only serve one term, 4 years noting his commitment to his family and business.  Republican Shawn Grobe won in District 4 with 281 votes or 58.91% while his challenger Ryan Ripley received 196 votes or 41.09% of the votes. 

These unofficial results will remain until the Election Board makes them official in the next week to 10 days.