Argos Elementary School Reading Awards

June 4, 2010


Argos Elementary School presented end of the year reading awards at the annual award ceremony on May 26th.  Students were presented special T-shirts designed by first grade teacher Jenny Harness.  The T-shirts reflected this year’s Reading Rally which had the theme “Reading Gives You Wings.”  This “100-book” program was the brainchild of first grade teacher Barbara Brown and included T-shirts for 100 book readers in grades K-2; 75 book readers in grades 3-4 and 50 book readers in grades 5-6.  Students had to take book quizzes on all their books to show reading comprehension.


Pictured (L to R)4TH, 5TH AND 6TH GRADE WINNERS:

Jessica Detwiler(6th grade-250 books); Emma Sexton, Valerie Rospopo, Micah Osborn, Evan Johnson, Braxton Addair, Lacee Tuttle, Samanta Diaz, Abby Manikowski and Zac Trump


Bottom row:  Jacob Murphy, Carly Hersick, Gabe Stone, Gabby Guerra, KINDERGARTNER Kara Sabanski, Allison Overmyer, Kendall Carnes, Sarah Norris, Laci Nellans

 Middle row:  Jonah Osborn, Jason Dady, Maisy Fields, Caiden Nifong, Jarol Rodriguez, Caleb Belcher, Jack McIntire, Caleb Ellis, Sam Manikowski, Kevin Avila, Zac Heiman, Braden Thompson, Andy Harley, Lukas VanDerWeele

 Top row:  Araceli Serrano, Cloey Wright, Daniela Diaz, Brianna Stockberger, Warren Sullivan, Kurt Johnson, Bekah Carter, Kassandra Jones, Jimmy Plants, Katie Clark, Maddy VanDerWeele, Madisyn Barcus, Sydney Shepherd, Jamison Miller, Annie Hill, Serenity Posey, Abby Neff

 Not shown: Akita Walker, Allison Rush