September 16, 2010

Nancy Dembowski, state representative for Starke, LaPorte, and Marshall County, voiced her opposition to any effort to raise taxes on the people of her district during the next legislative session.  Dembowski’s pledge comes after the Indiana Fiscal Institute’s announcement on Thursday that the State would have to raise taxes during the next legislative session.

“The Indiana Fiscal Institute must not be listening to Hoosiers,” Dembowski said.  “Not only are they out of touch, they are flat out wrong.  Now is not the time to be raising taxes on families who are struggling to make ends meet.”

Dembowski made a pledge that she will oppose any bill next session that would raise taxes on the working people and families in Indiana.  She said the State must look for more ways cut wasteful spending, crack down on tax cheats, and get back Hoosier tax dollars that go to companies that don’t create the jobs they promised.

“Our state has seen 300,000 Hoosiers unemployed for over 18 months. Hoosier families are continuing to face financial troubles. It would be shameful to ask taxpayers for anymore than they are giving now. “

Dembowski pointed to recent reports out of Indianapolis that tax dollars are going to hundreds of companies that don’t create the jobs they promised, and that corporations are cheating the State out of hundreds of millions in tax dollars by classifying employees as independent contractors.

“Indianapolis is saying they need another tax increase. I promise to fight against the big spenders and oppose new taxes to pay for the wasteful government spending and funneling money to companies that cheat on their taxes and fail to create jobs,” said Dembowski.

“We need to be talking about job increases, not tax increases,” Dembowski said. “More jobs will mean more state sales and income tax revenue without any tax increase on Hoosiers. Getting more Hoosiers to work and making sure we expose tax cheats must be done before we even consider increasing taxes in Indiana working families.”

Dembowski plans to announce her proposals on job creation, improving education, and exposing tax cheats, and making government more transparent in the coming weeks.

“Hoosiers need leadership that is truly accountable to taxpayers, and can avoid being swayed by Indianapolis politicians to only do what is best for Indianapolis,” Dembowski said. “We are elected to make tough choices for the people we represent, but in this case there is really no choice, we CANNOT raise taxes on Hoosier families.”