IDHS Statement on U.S. State Department Worldwide Travel Alert

November 24, 2015

travel alertJohn Erickson Director of Public Information for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security commented on the decision Monday of the U.S. State Department to issued a Worldwide Travel Alert for all Americans, in effect now through February 24, 2016. He said, “While we encourage Hoosiers, and all U.S. citizens, to be especially alert during this time period when traveling or going anywhere there are large gatherings, this is an action we advocate year round.”

Erickson wanted to assure Hoosiers and said, “There are no specific threats for Indiana or the United States at this time, and we encourage Hoosiers to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Our advice, as always, is to be aware of your surroundings, especially in public settings such as general crowds, at sporting events or while using public transportation. Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t seem right, leave the area and report what you see to law enforcement.”

As Director of Public Information for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security Erickson said, “We also believe every family should have a preparedness plan. Talk to loved ones about potential safety risks and what to do and where to meet in case of an emergency.”

The bottom line is that the Indiana Department of Homeland Security wants Hoosiers to live without fear and continue attending events and participating in activities according to their comfort level. Being aware and having a plan in case of emergency has always made sense and is especially empowering during times of increased security concerns.