Plymouth Board of Aviation May Seek Help With Repairs

June 10, 2010

06/10/10 The Plymouth Aviation Board members were prepared discuss how and when to coat the airport runway with a sealant, but advice from their consultant, Chris Snyder of Woolpert, Inc., has them seeking information on more extensive project. Snyder said after his visual inspection of the runway, they should consider a shift from a sealant project to a crack-repair project. Snyder said, “You’ve had a very good sealant program. However, there are a lot of cracks out there.” Snyder indicted that some of the cracks are approximately one inch wide.

Snyder said INDOT (Indiana Department of Transportation) considers the runway surface “optimized” according to the PCI (pavement condition index).

Although the board took no formal action, they agreed that the next steps concerning the matter should be to work with both INDOT and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to see if there could be any help in funding a project for repairs.