City Council Gives Final Approval to Rate Increase for Wastewater Customers

June 29, 2010


Monday night the Plymouth Common Council held a Public Hearing on the City’s Wastewater Rate Adjustment. 

Eric Walsh from Umbaugh, the City’s financial consultants gave a brief summary on their recommendation to raise rates.  The proposal includes a two phase rate increase.  For the average monthly user who uses 5,000 gallons the increase would be $1.70 monthly beginning this summer and then on January 1, 2011 an additional increase of $2 to the average residential user. 

Walsh said the cause for the increase is a combination of issues.  The lack of revenue because of a significant decrease in the amount of industrial use of the utility, a loss of interest income and the increase cost of maintenance due to the age of the treatment facility.  There were also discussions on unfunded mandates to keep the city in compliance with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. 

During the public hearing the only citizen who spoke was Wilson Jarred who asked if the residents at Pretty will pay additional fees.  The Pretty Lake Conservancy District sends it sewage to the City’s treatment plant. 

John Julian from Umbaugh explained that the Conservancy District and others outside of the city pay a 15% surcharge for use of the city utility.  He assured Jarred that their fees will increase just like the rest of the users in the city.

The Plymouth Common Council approved on second and third reading the Sewage Rate Ordinance.  It will take at least 30 days before the rate increase will go into effect.