Sen. Charbonneau Discusses Education Funding with School Leaders, Lawmakers

June 25, 2010


 State Senator Ed Charbonneau (R-Valparaiso) met this week with education leaders and state lawmakers to discuss school funding in Indiana.

Charbonneau was tapped to participate in the 43rd annual Education Leadership Summer Conference, “Emerging Issues in Education Law and Policy in Indiana,” being hosted at Indiana University in Bloomington.

On Thursday at 2:30 p.m., Charbonneau joined members of the House of Representatives, school administrators and educators to analyze school funding issues throughout the state.

“Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are passionate about academic excellence and serious about working together to prioritize student funding – even during this tough economic period,” Charbonneau said. “This opportunity to discuss school funding comes at a good time, and my hope in attending was to listen, learn and share ideas about what is working for our state and what can be improved in hopes of finding new ways to ensure quality educations for our children and grandchildren.”