County Drainage Board Opens Bids for Newcomb-Eisenhour Ditch

June 15, 2015

Drainage Board_Taco Bell King Gyro_1Members of the Marshall County Drainage Board met Monday morning for a short meeting.  Erick Operman representing Gilmon Enterprise the owners of the Taco Bell and King Gyro buildings in Plymouth told the board they would like to replat the properties into one parcel since they own both but when the buildings were built they were constructed within the county’s 75 foot ditch right-of-way.

Drainage Board_Taco Bell King Gyro_2Both building are setting too close so a variance is required before the replat can be completed.

Drainage Board_Taco Bell King Gyro_3County Surveyor Larry Fisher said they had the same issue with the former Plymouth Vet building, currently daycare center directly to the west and a variance was granted to them so they could install a privacy fence.

Drainage Board_Taco Bell King Gyro_4The Marshall County Drainage Board approved a 50 foot variance to allow the buildings to set at 25 feet from the top of the Schuh Ditch.

Drainage Board_Newcomb_Eisehnour_1The County Drainage Board also opened maintenance bids for the Newcomb-Eisenhour Ditch which will begin on Oak Drive at Mid City Supply and continue east, downstream to the NorFolk Southern Railroad.  Maintenance work includes clearing trees and brush off approximately 2130 feet of the north side of the Newcomb-Eisenhour Ditch and clean approximately 1970 feet.

Drainage Board_Newcomb_Eisenhour_2Four companies submitted bids for the job:  Langfeldt Excavating from Plymouth bid $15,840, Kolesiak Construction from Akron bid $13,870 and low bidder was Hunter Transit from Milford with a bid of $13,500.  LDP Excavating from Warsaw failed to enclose the required check.

Drainage Board_Newcomb_Eisenhour_4The Marshall County Drainage Board awarded the project to Hunter Transit with a completion date set for August 15, 2015.