Efficient Water Use: State Utility Consumer Advocate Offers Helpful Tips

July 4, 2012

  07/05/12 With many utilities encouraging customers to conserve water during the ongoing drought, Indiana consumers may be interested in knowing that there are many easy ways they can reduce water usage and their bills.

The Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor’s (OUCC’s) “Reduce Your Water Bill” fact sheet is a free publication offering more than 30 tips for saving water and money both in the home and outdoors. It is available on the agency’s Website (www.IN.gov/OUCC) or by calling the agency toll-free.

If you water your lawn, general tips include:

* Water only when necessary. (If you walk across the grass and leave footprints, it’s time to water.)

* Water in the early morning to minimize evaporation.

* Do not water on windy days.

* Avoid using a sprinkler that sprays a fine mist.

* Adjust sprinklers to only water the lawn and not the building, sidewalk or street.

When you mow, raise your lawnmower blade to the highest setting.

Consumers can also take numerous steps to conserve water inside the home, including:

* Making sure your home has no water leaks, either in toilets, faucets or the underground supply line.

* Running the dishwasher only when fully loaded.

* Installing low-flow showerheads and flow restrictors in faucets.

* Shutting off the faucet while brushing teeth or shaving.

* Keeping a pitcher in the refrigerator if you want cold drinking water.

* Taking showers instead of baths, and keeping them brief.

“Taking simple, easy steps to save water can help consumers save money,” said Indiana Utility Consumer Counselor David Stippler. “Just as importantly, efficient water use helps reduce the strain on water systems that typically happens on the hottest days each year. That, in turn, helps utilities ensure that customers will have the reliable service they expect.”

Consumers who do not have Internet access can request a free copy of the “Reduce Your Water Bill” fact sheet by calling the OUCC toll-free at 1-888-441-2494.