Welfare Check by County Police Locates Deceased Man

June 16, 2010


The Marshall County Coroner’s Office is investigating the death of a Plymouth man.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department received a request to conduct a welfare check on a man living at 17471 Tomahawk Trail Saturday afternoon.   The request came from a family member in the Chicago area who had been calling for a couple of day trying to talk to his brother.  Each time the wife answered the phone and said the subject was sleeping.    

Officers Bruce Carter and Matt Brown responded to the scene and found 57 year old James Orvais dead in the residence at 4:14 p.m.  Officers determined he had been dead for some time.

Mrs. Orvais told officers she believed her husband was sleeping.  It was apparent that she was not mentally able to distinguish between him sleeping and him being deceased.    

Marshall County Deputy Coroner Bill Githins responded to the scene and conducted an investigation of the scene and circumstances.  The body of Mr. Orvais was removed and an autopsy was conducted Monday in LaPorte.   

The preliminary autopsy results indicate Mr. Orvais die of natural causes.