Preliminary Census Numbers for Marshall County Released

February 15, 2011

02/16/11 The preliminary Marshall County 2010 Census figures are in.   Marshall County grew 4% during the last 10 years from 45,128 to 47, 051.  Indiana grew at a 6.6% rate.  Most of Indiana’s growth occurred in the center part of the state.  Hamilton and Hendricks counties were the fastest growing areas of the state.

                How did Marshall County grow?  9 out of 10 Marshall County township’s grew with only Union Township losing population.  The fastest growing township is North Township which grew at a 7.3% rate.  The largest Township is Center Township at 15,593 (5.9% increase) , 2nd is German Township at 8,902(3.7% increase), 3rd is North Township(7.3% increase), 4th is West Township at 4,008 (3.1% increase), 5th is Bourbon Township at 3.152 (6.1% increase), 6th is Union Township at 3,008 (-1.4% decrease), 7th is Polk Township at 2,824 (1.4% increase) 8th is Walnut Township at 2,747 (2.8% increase), 9th is Tippecanoe Township at 1,313 (4.5% increase) and 10th is Green Township at 1,103 (1.0% increase).

The largest city is Plymouth with a population of 10,033.  Bremen is the largest town with 4,588 with Bourbon 2nd at 1,810, Argos at 1,691, Culver at 1,353 and LaPaz at 561.

                Some interesting demographics can be selected from the data.  34,402 of Marshall County’s population is over 18 years of age with 12,649 (27%) under the age of 18.  We are predominately white with 44,000 classified as white, but we have over 10% which are classified as a minority.  The totals show 220 black, 215 Asian, 1,896 as other, 720 multi-race, and 3,971 as Hispanic.  26 counties showed more than 10% minorities.  Marshall County Townships with over 5% minorities are North, German, West, Center, Bourbon, Union and Walnut townships.

We have 19,845 housing units in Marshall County with 2,439 vacant.  Union Township has over a 20% vacancy rate.  Polk, West, Walnut and Tippecanoe Townships have a over 10% vacancy in housing units.

                The largest school district is Plymouth with 19,601 in their district.  John Glenn School district has 9,917 in their district, Bremen with 8,902, Union-North with 7,986, Culver with 7,034, Triton with 5,968 and Argos with 3,850 in population.

                This information is available at   During the next few months additional data will be released.  This information will be used to analyze growth in Marshall County during the next few years.