Aviation Board Opens Bid for Hanger Roof, Siding and Partitions

March 12, 2015

Plymouth AirportThe Plymouth Aviation board met Tuesday night and opened bids for the renovations of the last of the hangars. Only one bid was received from Johnson Builders. That bid for a new roof, new siding and building partitions inside the hangar was for $99,500. The board took that bid under advisement.

The Girl Scouts who have been using part of the office complex at the airport will be moving out after the cookie sales. Plymouth Skysports will be taking over that area for a parachute repair facility. Airport employees added a sewer drop and a drain for a sink in the area to install a restroom.

Airport manager Dave Lattimer reported that all trees have been removed from the area where they hope to install an Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS). About a third of the stumps have been removed and the rest will be removed when the ground thaws.

The contractor removed the logs, the branches were all cut by citizens for free firewood, but a large pile of brush was left. City attorney Sean Surrisi thought that burning it was approved burn under state law to maintain farmland. IDEM however saw smoke and determined that it was an illegal burn since it wasn’t maintaining farmland but creating it. Lattimer said, “About half the brush remains to be cleaned up.”