Redevelopment Commission Meets

June 16, 2010


The next work on the Oak Road project in Plymouth could begin in October or November if the remaining two parcels of right-a-way space can be obtained.

At a meeting of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission on Tuesday night, City Attorney Nelson Chipman said there were ten parcels needed to move forward with the project and they have been able to obtain right-a-ways on eight of the ten. The two remaining parcels are along the properties of Bob Evans Restaurant and Plymouth Center Limited Partnership, Ohio Limited Partnership.

The matter is now in the hands of three court-appointed appraisers. The findings of the appraisers could be completed within 30 days, according to Chipman.

The Redevelopment Commission also considered a revised version of a resolution concerning a $700,000 loan proposal by the Common Council to the Redevelopment Commission enabling them to move ahead with the TechFarm project in TIF 3.

Included in the first resolution was the following: “The construction bids opened on May 24, 2010 establish an estimated cost of $2,198,560. Grant Administrator, engineer and design fees and miscellaneous expenses total $220,160 for a total estimated project cost of $2,418,720. Thus, the estimated cost of the project based on bids is $691,720 over the engineer’s estimate and current project funding.”

On Tuesday night, a revised version of the resolution was approved. Chipman said he believes that it would be prudent to use additional security. The commission voted 4-0 to encumber $120,000 of the existing cash balance of Redevelopment for the project. Commission member Dan Tyree was absent from the meeting.

Scott Hughes, grant consultant, told the Commission said that he intends to drive the completed paperwork to the EDA on Wednesday and the contractor on the project has to begin moving dirt on the project as of Monday of next week.

In other business Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson requested and received approval for a change order for the watermain relocaction project on Pioneer Drive. Davidson said in “hind site” they feel a 50-60 foot service pipe that leads to the LifePlex needs to be cut and capped. Davidson said the work could be done by Haskins Underground for $2,750 and with a credit from Haskins of $875 the final cost of the work would then be $1,875. Davidson said the pipe line in question lies under the ditch line.

Chipman said in discussions with the City Clerk-Treasurer, they feel the cash flow is sufficient in TIF District 1 to release $20 million in excess assessed value. The Commission made the same decision last year and this was only a reconfirmation. There will be no releases made to either TIF 2 or TIF 3.